Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights, By Salman Rushdie

Do you understand why you are still alive? she asked Jimmy Kapoor, as, blushing, he pulled a bed sheet around himself. ‘Yes’ he replied, his eyes filled with wonder. ‘Because you saved my life’. That is so, she conceded, inclining her head. But you would have been dead before I reached you, crushed to bits in the great Urn, if it wasn’t for the other reason.


Kalevala, by Elias Lönnrot

From the sea her head she lifted,
And her forehead she uplifted,
And she then began Creation,
And she brought the world to order.

Taliesin, from The Mabinogion

And she went forth after him, running.
And he saw her, and changed himself into a hare and fled.
But she changed herself into a greyhound and turned him.
And he ran towards a river, and became a fish.