Every day. The things you read. That make your day great. 

Nulla dies sine linea (Not a day without a line)  Pliny the Elder

In company with my friends, I open and read from beginning to end the books in which the wise men of past times have written down and bequeathed to us their treasures; and when we see anything good, we take it for ourselves; and we regard our mutual friendship as great gain.

Socrates, according to Xenophon,  Memorabilia (c 371 BC)


Simple. It’s the best thing you’ve read today. The best thing anyone has read today. Shared with everybody else.

Over 2016, every day, we will be posting quotes from texts of all types – novels, poems, plays, prose and non-fiction – that have been submitted from readers all over the world, and sharing with you words that have moved, inspired, gotten someone to see something in a new light, experience something for the first time, or think about the world, their life, themselves in a new way.


TODAY I READ THIS is not a collection of the best quotes of all time – there are plenty of other places for those. Instead, it’s a collaborative global project about the new words and ideas that come into our lives every day, to form a diary, a snapshot, a panorama of what everyone is reading TODAY and every day.

We also want to get excited about what everyone out there is reading and what’s getting them excited, so TODAY I READ THIS is also a place to get ideas for your next best book ever.

What do we want?

We are asking you to think closely about what you read every day to find the words that are most worth sharing, those quotes you sometimes underline, scribble in the margin, make a note of or post on Facebook. It could be a simple description, a line of poetry, an exchange of dialogue,  a thought expressed brilliantly, an argument that nails an idea, or just something that hits you with its sheer bloody genius.

Share it with us, and we will share it with everyone else.

Found something you want to share?

There are lots of ways to get in touch:


What we need from you

Check out a typical post on our home page for the basic elements we need.

  • The quote (please make sure you get this right!)
  • The title of the book and the author
  • If you want,  provide links you think are interesting additions about the author or work
  • If there’s a good image that encapsulates the quote or complements it, send that in too (with photo credit if needed).
  • And then check in with us on Facebook for when your quote goes live.

We can’t wait to read what you’ve been reading.

socrates kendy cropped




Let us know what you think.

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